Iris, Washington, USA

Iris, Washington, USA

In memory of my sister Patsy who passed away suddenly. I will miss her. Remember to hug the one you love. Life is short.

Kerry Park, Seattle, WA, USA

Kerry Park, Seattle, Washington, USA

Here is a sunset view I captured last evening from Kerry Park, Seattle, WA, USA – isn’t this beautiful view of Seattle?!

Special Rose

Special Rose, Washington, USA

I captured this close-up from a beautiful bouquet my husband gave me – magnificent!!

Winter Sunset, Renton, Washington, USA

Winter Sunset, Washington, USA

We were blessed with a beautiful day today in Renton. Temperatures were unusually warm – a record today for February (61deg F, 16.1 C) I captured this beautiful sunset photograph – it is so beautiful in the Pacific Northwest!

Duck in Pre-Flight

Duck in Preflight

It was a beautiful day today in Renton and I was able to catch this great shot of a duck in preflight!

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