Hello everyone – Skip and I hope you are safe and healthy!

Like you, we felt we were just coming out of the fog from a COVID-19 world, – ready to travel and explore again!  We spent the spring and early summer planning once again and readying ourselves for adventures. But unfortunately, we are once again “welcoming” some setbacks with a new Delta Variant, forest fires and a changing world. Scary! Sometimes if feels like it would be better to crawl into a cave – we understand!

But Skip and I, like you, are trying to adapt to this rapidly changing world, trying to keep things light, and when it gets too crazy – we turn off the news and take our 1963 MGB out for a drive!  It may not be an extended trip to Italy, but we sure enjoy the experience.  Isn’t this a great looking little car!?!?!

Going forward, we promise to share more posts with you on a regular basis.  Be safe and strong everyone – we are cautiously optimistic good times are ahead!!!

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